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The Colorado POA Club welcomes you to the world of POAs!

If you're not familiar with this amazing breed of horse, scroll down after the News section to read more.

News and Upcoming Events

Our Awards Banquet is coming up on November 8 -- just you wait, November will be here before you know it -- but until then, take the time to get out with your ponies/horses and enjoy the fall weather.

Thanks to all of the riders who joined us at our Open Show on August 23rd. We always appreciate other competitors!
And thank you to Dr. Bruce Connally for doing the vet checks.

Please keep in mind that Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) is here in Colorado. For the latest news, go to the Colorado Department of Agriculture info on Facebook. VS seems to be winding down a bit, and as of September 23, there were 46 premises quarantined in 14 counties. Mesa County had about 1/3 of the total quarantines, although several Front Range counties still had some premises under quarantine.

Also, no more recent news, but as of September 14, West Nile virus had been confirmed in 11 horses in 9 counties, several of which are along the Front Range. The Colorado Department of Agriculture recommends working to reduce the mosquito population and eliminating mosquito breeding areas on your property. Consult a vet to confirm the diagnosis of WNV if your horse shows any of these symptoms: head tilt, muscle tremors, lack of coordination, weakness of limbs or partial paralysis.


Thank you to everyone who competed at the West World and Rocky Mountain Regional POA Shows and to everyone who worked so hard to make the shows a success! We appreciate the support of all of the POA families who traveled from other states to attend the shows.

Photos from the shows are available from Performance Horse Photography.

More Information About POAs
                        and the Colorado POA Club...

The Colorado POA Club is a nonprofit group with a focus on the youth rider, but family members of all ages can show POAs.

POAs -- Pony Of the Americas -- is a breed that was developed in the 1950s to provide a smaller horse with a great disposition that was a more suitable mount for young riders. POAs have Appaloosa-type coloring and range from 46" to 56" (up to 14 hands) in height.

We have POA shows and open shows each summer, and other events are held throughout the year, including equitation clinics, trail rides, and the annual awards banquet.

Feel free to browse our website to find out more about our club. And check out our Schedule page -- we'd love to see you at one of our events! 

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