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Thanks to all of the POA members and other riders who joined us at our shows in 2019. We look forward to seeing you at our shows next year!

A huge Thank You to Brandie Trotter, our 2019 show secretary, for helping our shows run so smoothly. What a learning curve for you, Brandie, as you discovered the world of horse shows. Our club members wish you all the best as you continue your schooling. 


 VS is finally slowing down in Colorado, so hopefully we can all avoid it until winter sets in. 

In the meantime, notify your vet ASAP if you notice blister-like lesions on your ponies' lips, tongue, coronary band or belly, in the ears, or on the sheath/udder, or if your pony is salivating excessively or is not eating normally. For general info about VS, go to our More News page. 


Thank you to everyone who came to Longmont to show with us at the West World and Rocky Mtn. Regional, July 4-7

The competition was great, and we hope you enjoyed your time in Colorado!

Photos are up at

Support the Colo. POA Club


You can support the club by shopping at Amazon donates a portion of your purchase amount to the Colorado POA Club.

Or, purchase a Safeway card from us, and each time you reload money on your card at the store, a percentage goes to the club.

If you shop at King Soopers, starting April 1, 2019, you won't use the reloadable KS cards anymore -- you can just use use your KS loyalty card to support the POAs. 

For details, go to the Donate/Support POAs page.

National POA Club


Info about the national POA club is available on the national website at

The Colorado Club hosted the West World POA Show on July 6-7 in Longmont in support of the national club. 

In conjunction with the West World, we held the Rocky Mtn. Regional on July 4-5. 

For more info, go to the West World/Regional page.

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